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Passionate about what we do, at Styvechale Dental Care we aim to ensure that the children, teenagers and adults that we see each have the opportunity to benefit from healthy gums, fresh breath and a confident smile in an affordable, convenient and professional way. One of the key ways in which we aim to do this is to therefore through a Denplan budget schemes - known as  Denplan Care, that allows our patients to budget the cost of their dental care.

Budget your Routine Dental Care and Treatments with Denplan Care

From only £15.43 per month, Denplan Care is a monthly payment plan which helps you pay for your routine and restorative dental treatments - so reducing the chance of receiving unexpected dental bills. The amount you pay is decided by your dentist and is based on your oral health and how much dental treatment you will need. After an initial assessment by the dentist of your oral health you will be placed into one of five fee categories:

  • Category A: £15.43 per month
  • Category B: £20.64 per month
  • Category C: £25.55 per month
  • Category D: £32.16 per month
  • Category E: £39.96 per month

Denplan Care includes routine and restorative dental care such as:

  • Check-ups and Hygiene treatment (including scaling and polishing)
  • Dental x-rays
  • Fillings which have been diagnosed as clinically necessary
  • Preventive dental advice and therapy
  • Extractions which have been diagnosed as clinically necessary
  • Periodontal (gum) treatment
  • Crowns, bridges, dentures, inlays (excluding laboratory fees)
  • Root canal treatment

Denplan Care excludes:

  • Laboratory fees and prescriptions
  • Referral to a specialist and specialist treatment
  • Treatment carried out anywhere other than by your registered dentist, except when you need temporary emergency dental treatment
  • Orthodontics, implants, cosmetic treatment
  • Sedation fees

Denplan Care includes worldwide dental injury, dental emergency cover and access to Denplan’s 24-Hour Worldwide Dental Emergency Helpline (for more details go to www.denplan.co.uk).

Children's Plans

We also offer Denplan budget schemes to help cover the cost of routine dental care for children. Again, we offer a choice of three alternative plans so, depending on dental health and frequency of visits/ treatment required, you can choose the right one for your son or daughter:

  • Category A: £5.04 per month
  • Category B: £7.18 per month
  • Category C: £8.64 per month


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For more information about Denplan Memebership at Styvechale Dental Care please call us on 024 7641 4225, or request an appointment with us by completing our Online Appointment Request Form »

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Our family of five have been patients of the practice for over fifteen years. As a practice they have always kept high standards in the look of the surgery, cleanliness, technology and its entire staff. The continuity of the staff has helped to build up the relationship with the patients enforcing trust, understanding and a sense of humour! The visit to the dentist which many people dread is not an unpleasant experience at Styvechale Dental Care because of the warm relaxed, professional and excellent service the staff deliver.

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