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Why see a Dental Professional for Teeth Whitening treatment?

Why see a Dental Professional for Teeth Whitening treatment?

Teeth Whitening has been highly publicised in the news recently due to an increase in beauty salons offering this treatment. As a team of dental professionals, here at Styvechale Dental Care in Coventry we aim to ensure our patients are aware of the risks associated with the provision of illegal and unsafe teeth whitening treatment...

In the UK, whitening should only legally be carried out by a dentist - which means that teeth whitening by beauty salons and in whitening kiosks is illegal. The main reason for this is because beauticians (and in fact anyone else without adequate professional dental training) lack the knowledge around dental anatomy and dental materials science needed in order to be able to provide teeth whitening in a safe and reliable way.

As an example - the British Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry (BACD) has issued a warning after being alerted to the case of a 23-year-old women whose teeth had darkened after treatment at a beauty salon. The academy found that the chemical used on the individuals teeth was not regularly used for whitening and could dissolve the enamel. (Read full article by clicking here >>)

Dentists are regulated by the General Dental Council to ensure that we adhere to strict standards in patient care and clinical excellence. We only use products and treatments that have been thoroughly tested for many years, and that have been proven to work without being harmful to the teeth or gums.

At Styvechale Dental Care we are proud to provide our patients with the tried and tested Teeth Whitening System called Boutique Whitening - as it is quick, safe and highly effective.

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