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How to Have a 'Teeth-Friendly' Easter

How to Have a 'Teeth-Friendly' Easter

He’s big, soft and fluffy... and he has those adorable floppy ears, but don’t be fooled! The Easter Bunny is as harmless to your children’s teeth as a large wooden horse once was to the people of Troy. Because it’s not what he is that’s the problem – it what he brings!

So remember, as parents, you’re in control of what the Easter Bunny delivers to your children.

Every year is another chance for you to create new, healthier Easter traditions... and we’ve got a few ideas to help you:

  • Banish the big egg or bunny. Many Easter Egg hunts lead to a final ‘trophy’ of a large chocolate egg or rabbit. Instead, replace the chocolate with a soft toy or, for older children, a decorative tin to keep their treasures in.
  • If you put together an Easter basket for your little ones, replace some of the sweets with little toys. Things like bubbles or bouncy balls might help encourage them to get outside and enjoy the improving weather.
  • Put the focus on real eggs rather than the chocolate variety. Hard boil some eggs and get the kids involved in decorating. If kept refrigerated, they’ll be safe to eat and can be enjoyed plain, in sandwiches or devilled.
  • You might not get away with removing chocolate from your Easter celebrations completely, but you can control the amount and the quality of the chocolate your children eat. Fewer but better is the rule – instead of loading up on cheap mass-produced chocolate, spend your budget on a smaller amount of good quality treats. More artisanal chocolate tends to have less sugar and more flavour, meaning your kids will be happier with less!

Hope that you find these ideas useful!

No matter what you get up to this weekend, we also hope that you and your family have a wonderful Easter - with very best wishes from all of our team here at Styvechale Dental Care


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