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What does Endodontic Treatment Involve?

What does Endodontic Treatment Involve?

You may have been referred for Endodontic treatment with Dr Jeetinder Tiwana by one of our dentists here at Styvechale Dental Care, or by one of our Referring Dentists in Coventry, because the pulp in one (or several) of your teeth has become inflammed or infected. We will therefore need to treat the inflammation, or remove the infection, in order to relieve your pain and discomfort, and to save your tooth.

Dentists, such as our dentist Dr Jeetinder Tiwana here at Styvechale Dental Care, have a special interest in Endodontics and dedicated experience and skills linked to saving your natural teeth using state of the art technologies (ie. microscops and digital imaging) to treat you quickly, professionally and comfortably.

Your Treatment Journey: Endodontics in Coventry

Step One: Free Consultation - as your first step, you are invited to attend a Free Consultation with Dr Jeetinder Tiwana so that an initial Assessment may be carried out and a personalised Treatment Plan put together for you.

Step Two: Treatment Plan - your Treatment Plan will detail the different stages of treatment required to treat your inflammed pulp or infected root canal, and the associated timeframes and costs. We will take the time to review your Treatment Plan with you in order to help you understand what proposed treatment will involve, and to answer any questions or queries you may have. We will also discuss the range of finance options we provide at Styvechale Dental Care so that, should you be interested, you can make payment in affordable monthly amounts. 

Step Three: Treatment - first your tooth will be numbed so that you won’t feel anything during the procedure. An opening will then be made through the crown of the tooth and into the pulp chamber. Disinfection fluid will then put into the canals to kill any bacteria and help rinse out debris and any pulp tissue. Using small instruments, Dr Tiwana will then carefully clean and shape the canals. After the space is cleaned and shaped, he will then fill and seal the root canals. The access cavity will be filled with a permanent filling material. 

Step Four: Referral Back to your Own Dentist - once Dr Tiwana has finished your root canal treatment, you will be referred back to your usual dentist to have your tooth properly restored with an onlay or a crown that will provide long-term protection to your tooth. This is also really important in ensuring the success of your root canal treatment. Through regular routine dental care, a tooth that has had root canal treatment has an excellent long-term prognosis.

Get in Touch

To discuss Endodontic treatment with Dr Jeetinder Tiwana, please call us on 024 7641 4225 or complete our Online Appointment Request Form to arrange a Free Consultation at your convenience.

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